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Whoever Can Correctly Answer Our 100+ Legal Scenario Questions is Usually the One Who Gets the Promotion!

When YOU learn to apply the 200+ most critical U.S. Supreme Court Cases YOU will be the one most likely to score the highest in exams, oral boards and assessment centers - and make it to the TOP of the next promotion list! 

100% Risk Free Guarantee: YOU will be better trained and prepared for promotion with our Attorney-Designed Case Law ProTM Advanced Legal Training System.

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Case Law Pro is Unique and Advanced
Legal Training

legal exams for police

Use this time, BEFORE you have to study for your next promotion exam, to study the most important topic in your profession - the law.

The way you will learn to apply the law is the way it is taught in law school!

Case Law Pro (CLP), our attorney-designed advanced legal training system, leads to a thorough understanding of how to apply the law on the streets - where it counts most.

You will learn the way law students do - through scenarios, identifying the CORRECT action - and learning WHY the other choices are INCORRECT.

Using our advanced, online Learning Management System (LMS) you will have a 120-day subscription to 18 legal training modules and exams from state and national legal textbooks!

Course and Module Overview

Learn With 18 Legal Modules + 10 State and National Exams

legal exams for police

Case Law Pro (CLP) is a high-level skill-building system that is based on how attorneys learn to read and analyze the 200+ most important U.S. Supreme Court cases.

CLP learning and testing are NOT aimed at memorizing case names and details - you will learn the reasoning and concepts behind each case.

Improve your scores in promotional written exams, oral boards and assessment centers by using CLP to study hundreds of factual law enforcement scenarios, identifying correct as well as incorrect responses to each one.

Keep your legal skills sharp, updated and tested - ready for the NEXT round of promotion exams and assessments!

As a BONUS you can take any 2 of our State and National Attorney-written Legal Exams from popular titles used by law enforcement officers throughout the nation! See the List


 120-Day Access to All 18 Modules is 100% RISK FREE!

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Everything you need to learn all 18 CLP Modules is included. You will take your time and self-pace through the modules in a full 120 days.

CLP is the BEST value in advanced legal training offered anywhere - 120 days of access to all 18 Modules is only 69.95 - and is 100% RISK FREE!

We KNOW CLP is highly effective legal training, so we'll accept all the risk. We guarantee that if within 30 days you complete at least 4 modules and you don't see the value to your career or your next promotion we'll refund 100% of your membership!

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Case Law Pro State Legal Exams and Modules

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