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Who should be better trained in applying critical case law principles, Attorneys or Law Enforcement Officers?

No doubt - Your Officers and Deputies! Those who make split-second decisions on the street - should be - and will be - better trained and prepared with the Attorney-Designed Case Law ProTM Advanced Legal Training System!


Case Law Pro Legal Training Course for Police


Unique, Advanced
Legal Training

legal exams for police

The way law officers SHOULD learn to apply case law is the way it is taught in law school!

Case Law Pro (CLP), our attorney-designed advanced legal training system, leads to a thorough understanding of how to apply case law on the streets - where it counts most.

Your officers and deputies learn the way law students do - through scenarios, identifying the CORRECT action - and learning WHY the other choices are INCORRECT.

Using our advanced, online Learning Management System (LMS) all your sworn personnel will have a 6-month subscription to 18 legal training modules and exams from state and national legal textbooks!

All LMS course material and exams are updated regularly to keep current with new court opinions.

You can log in to our LMS and try Module 1 - The Exclusionary Rule - no cost or obligation!

18 Modules + 10 State and National Exams

legal exams for police

Case Law Pro (CLP) is a high-level skill-building system that is based on how legal professionals learn to read and analyze the 200+ most important U.S. Supreme Court cases.

Learning and testing are NOT aimed at memorizing case names and details - your officers and deputies learn the reasoning and concepts behind each case.

By using CLP to study hundreds of factual law enforcement scenarios,  identifying incorrect as well as correct responses to each one, officers learn the proper application of the legal concepts, and how to avoid mistakes and improper enforcement actions.

As a BONUS your officers can take any 2 of our State and National Attorney-written Legal Exams from popular titles used by law enforcement officers throughout the nation!

Tailored for Individual or Group Learning

law enforcement legal exams

Your sworn personnel can take the CLP course individually, in groups, or in classrooms. Your agency sets the time, place and pace of learning. No time away from work. CLP can be taken on any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Exams are real-life scenarios, with 220+ total questions. After learning each module, officers take a self-scoring PDF exam, which is saved and forwarded to your training coordinator. Your agency keeps all records of the training and testing.

Prepare your people for future supervisory and leadership positions by keeping their legal skills sharp, updated and tested.

CLP is the BEST value in legal training offered anywhere - Only 29.95 per user! Request an agency quote.

Case Law Pro is available only from Police Career and Promotion Services, LLC. Learn more about us.


legal exams for police officers and sheriff's deputies

Case Law Pro Legal Course textbook exams

Case Law Pro State Legal Exams and Modules

FREE user name and password to Module 1 - The Exclusionary Rule. 

You as well as other members of your agency can learn with the course material and take the Module 1 Exam online.

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Case Law Pro Legal Training Course

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